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Why a Nun?

I love to write.  I can remember falling in love with journaling as a second grader at Girl Scout sleep-away camp (thanks, Grandma).  I kept a blog before this, Organized Chaos, which outlined a bit of the frantic and confusion I tried to sort through in my college years.  My hope is that this blog will give me a chance to share my ideas about life an explanation of this chapter of my life, the “Nun Chapter,” so to speak.

As a nun (explained in my post, #NunLife), I feel compelled to share the stories of the nunnery and the nuns.  This will essentially encapsulate some of the adventures of my life, as a self-declared “Mother Superior”.  My stories are about being a teacher, administrator, and former volunteer Young Life leader, as well as other hats that I wear.

In doing so many things, my life can feel compartmentalized at times, so writing is a way for me to string things together and make more sense out of all the parts. In a sense that’s where I got the title for my first blog, and still a bit how my life feels at times – like an organized chaos.  Now that I’m a post-grad though, things are a little less crazy.  Life has settled down.  I’m almost a cat lady … Not really.  But I do go to bed fairly early.

Follow my twitter account for the most up-to date info and tweets on #TheNunnery and the #NunLyf.

So join me on this adventure.  That sounds cheesy, but it’s accurate.  It’s an adventure full of mistakes and emotions and complications.  That’s life.

Tessa's Beautiful Plates and #StickerSwag

My Volvo, Tessa’s Beautiful Plates and #StickerSwag

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