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This I Believe

September 18, 2014

I grew up listening to NPR, and one of their programs called, “This I Believe,” always made an impression on me.  The intensity that even a brief essay read aloud can convey often keeps me thinking for hours on end. The program has been ongoing since the 1950s.  It’s a powerful way for people to share their thoughts on life.  I wrote a short essay in college (can be found here: This I Believe) with these guidelines and felt inspired to write another one recently.  Writers that share their written “This I Believe” also record it (for the radio program), so I have both of those formats for you here.  


I believe in making decisions quickly and efficiently.  I believe in simplifying as much as possible.  I believe in cutting out the extras.

But most of all, I believe in having a laid back wedding planning experience.  Planning a wedding in less than four months has revealed to me a lot of ways that our society pressures brides (and grooms) into thinking they need at least a year (or more) to plan a successful wedding.  And I haven’t even gotten married yet. In 17 days I will marry my fiancé, John, and I know that some things will go wrong.  I know that some aspects of the wedding planning already have gone wrong.  In fact, I printed the wrong day on our wedding invitations!

Despite all this, I believe that being relaxed and calm while making efficient decisions for my wedding has saved me both my time and my sanity.  At the end of the day on October 5th, 2014, I not only believe but know that John and I will be married.

I believe what’s important on that day is the first look he will get of me when I walk down the aisle in my wedding dress: not because of the dress, and not because of my hair or makeup, or even my veil. That look is important because that day I will be his wife.  I believe in capturing his first look at me in that moment as I walk down the aisle and as I walk towards him, moments away from being his wife.

I believe sharing our love on that day is foremost, because it represents what we believe; that there is so much more than even we as human beings can share with each other.

I believe that we get a glimpse of that wonderful love, by having a day to celebrate what God has given us.  I believe in celebrating with reckless abandon, because the brokenness in our world shouldn’t win. I believe love should win.

I believe that the endless choices given to a bride and groom for the day they share with their families and friends gives the deceitful impression that for some reason the type of table centerpiece or welcome table is how you share with your family and friends that you love them or that you want to show them your love.  Here’s the thing though … No one will remember the food you had at your wedding.  No one will remember what song you entered the reception to.  No one will remember the colors of your wedding.  No one will remember the best man’s speech.  But I do believe that they will remember your promise, your covenant.

I believe that weddings are important.  I believe that making a promise in front of witnesses is important.  I believe that the process of planning my wedding is important and that it should reflect what I believe about love: that it is never perfect, but that it is to be shared, and shared abundantly.


Here is the audio for this post.

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