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A Written Selfie

April 2, 2014
Selfie #1

Selfie #1

I often labor too long and think to hard about what to post on my blog, which results in a lack of posts.  I need to write more and think less.  Most of the time.

Going through my photos, I have a number of ‘selfies‘.  I can remember telling my roommate, Shannon, that ‘I don’t take or post that many selfies … compared to some people …’ (comparison is everything: when the extremes are Hitler and Mother Theresa, there’s no way you can compare) But I do take a good amount. I am definitely judgmental of others’ selfies, and it’s caused me to become not only critical of my own, but selective.

In scanning through a few of my selfies though, I realized that at times, it’s almost a self-portrait that captures emotions, events, and thoughts when words can’t.  Sure, sometimes they’re just silly, but other times, I think I wanted to capture an emotion or expression that I wanted to remember.  … Or maybe just a good hair day.

Selfie #2.

Selfies around Fredericksburg


My work selfies (ex: top left) usually have a serious or inquisitive face.  In all honesty, I am usually either bored or snapchatting or sending a picture to my boyfriend … sometimes all 3.  My latest though, I have started doing ‘#fabulousmustachethursdays’ in a protest agains #throwbackthursdays.  Seeing pictures of all my friends when they were babies or children is only cute for so long.  So this is also a plea to join me in #fabulousmustachethursdays in a protest against #throwbackthursdays.  So my work selfies have showed me that I can be serious … when I have to be; and that I genuinely desire to get things done and work towards bigger goals that I have for work … even when I’m being silly.

My selfies when I’m out with friends and there are people around (ex: top right) have a more content face that almost looks tired but accepting.  I took the photo on the top right about two weeks ago.  I was tired but wanted to be engaging.  That’s always hard for me; I am an introvert that is extremely extroverted.  I was also having a decent hair day.

Orchestra selfies are some of my favorites (ex: bottom left).  In this picture I am actually playing my cello.  I love playing music.  I think it’s a way that I learn how to be more emotionally expressive.  In learning the cello, I have re-discovered how humbling it is to learn a new instrument.

Nature selfies are one of the ways I capture the world I live in (ex: bottom right).  I love Fredericksburg, Virginia.  I can clearly see why and how I was brought here.  I have never felt more purpose and satisfaction in being in one place for more time.  Growing up in Medway, Massachusetts, I always knew I wouldn’t live there forever.  I go back often (I will be there this weekend), but I will not live back in Massachusetts until I have had my fill of Virginia or until God calls me back to New England.  That said, we have had more snow here in Virginia than I can remember having since the Snowpocalypse of 2010.  So I have a number of bundled-up selfies that needed to get represented.  I have been thankful for all of the ‘time off’ and breaks, but am glad that spring is around the corner.


Running Selfies

Running Selfies

I think some of the best, and most telling of my own personal growth, have been my running selfies.  Since I’ve started training for the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon, I have learned more about my body, how strong it really is, and how hard I can push it.  These ones are a little silly, but they remind me of how hard I am working, and how much help and encouragement I have had along the way.  My friend Craig has been so helpful in this endeavor, and I’m so thankful that he is pushing me.

Gospel Fest Selfie

Gospel Fest Selfie

I am also reminded of how I felt about things at the time they happened. … During this rehearsal for Gospel Fest I was a tad annoyed and frustrated.   I also love how beautiful my viola is in this one … my instrument is gorgeous.  (It is a Jay Haide Maggini Model that I bought from Johnson Strings before I graduated from High School.  It has served me well … it needs new strings – does anyone have $100 lying around?)

I think part of the selfie is a self-recognition of ridiculous but valid emotions, that can only be captured by an image.  Sometimes they can be captured with words or art, but not in the same way.

I will leave you with this though: my favorite selfies are the ones that include my roommate, Shannon, not only because she is beautiful, but because we laugh so much and enjoy life together and it reminds me of how much Christ loves us and is with us through everything.

photo 2

Selfie with the cutest roommate


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