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Faith Restored

February 9, 2014


My faith in weddings has been restored.  I don’t know if it’s because the past month for me has been an amazing transformation, or because Katie’s wedding last night was so beautiful, but my faith in weddings has been restored.  Walking into the Chapel of The Good Shepherd last night, on the arm of an usher, the sounds of Bach’s first cello suite met my ears and I smiled.  Looking to my left for a familiar face to sit with, my eyes latched onto an old friend, Katie Andre (now Katie Cason …).  I conceded that it would be a good night.  Not ten minutes later did my friend Lauren Odderstol walk in.  The night got better.

So from the cello player during the ceremony to the DJ at the reception, everything was perfect.  Katie and Nate’s vows were beautiful and powerful.  Jesus was so present and clearly blessing their marriage.  It’s so encouraging to see such faithfulness in what God has for someone’s life.

The past month I’ve seen both ends of this; I recently attended the funeral of a friend’s wife.  I had met her once and kept in touch with her husband. Witnessing the transparency and realness at her funeral has brought me to a place where I see how God has seasons for us: seasons of singleness and marriage and sometimes singleness again.  Whether joyful or painful, the faithfulness that I’ve seen in my friend’s Craig and Katie is incredible.

… So pardon the scattered thoughts of this Nun as she attempts to make sense of where God has her and what He’s doing in her life.  Keep living the good life and fighting the good fight.

The Big Day

The Big Day

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