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A Nun’s Thoughts on Weddings

February 8, 2014

Still living the #NunLife.  One wedding at a time.  First wedding of 2014 here we go …

This morning I drove down to VA Beach to attend a good friend’s wedding.  After talking on the phone for two of the three hour drive, I realized I have needed to write about my negative thoughts towards weddings …

I haven’t been a fan of weddings for a long time.  They feel staged and archaic.  The music is never up to par.  As a musician, I am incredibly judgemental of live music, especially for something like a wedding ceremony.  I don’t know where this negative tone towards weddings originated.  I have been to at least 10-15 weddings in the past 6 years.  Probably more.  Some for friends, some for friends or family of friends, and some as one of the wedding musicians.  No matter whose wedding, I couldn’t stand the formality, the staged emotions, the gross waste of resources, and how planned everything is.

But underneath all of the formality and staged emotions I think there is a truth that I failed to recognize.  Weddings can be a glimpse of what God has for us when we come home.  In a wedding I performed in last August, watching the father walk the bride down the aisle, I became both emotional over the thought of my own father walking me down the aisle, and the notion that one day, I will be presented to God in the same way a father presents his bride to the groom … I may not have my analogies completely accurate, but you get the idea.

It was that ceremony, at Fredericksburg Baptist, that finally started converting me to the other side.  So I’m slightly less cynical when it comes to weddings.  I am definitely still on the fence though, about whether I’d want a huge planned wedding, or a small backyard get together where we had cookout after … there are other things that are more important.

So I’m excited for my friend Katie’s wedding.  I’ve known her for over six years, and have been blessed so much by her friendship and watching her travel and work for the Lord.  I think I just sometimes haven’t looked for Jesus in weddings, and that’s where I’ve gone wrong.  I have no doubt Jesus will be at this wedding and has already blessed this relationship.  Maybe I’ll blog after the wedding as a follow-up on where I stand over weddings.

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