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A Month In Review

January 31, 2014

January has been a really good month.

This is my first month not leading Young Life, and I thought that I would be at a huge loss of how to live out my life and give away my time well.  Well, I was wrong.  Never have I felt more connected with those around me, and felt led into healthy community that has grown me more in a month than all of the last two and a half years put together.  Community with my roommate, friends, sisters in Christ, boyfriend, and those I’ve been meeting has been incredible.  I haven’t lost a sense of purpose, I have found it again.

It has probably helped that out of 21 school days we were supposed to have this month, we have only had 13.  What a lucky month. So with all my days off last week, I completely cleaned The Nunnery and got rid of a lot of things that I wasn’t using and either donated, trashed, or sold things.  It was a productive week.  And now catching up on work projects has felt a bit more manageable.

The biggest growth I’ve had this month has come from fasting.  For one week I fasted from television, and last week I fasted from alcohol.  One of the realizations I came to at the end of 2013 was that I lived my life in excess and I no longer wanted to do that.  So one of the ways I am trying to take control of the excess, is removing it.  The past two weeks I have seen so much fruit from that: watching less TV overall, and recognizing when is a good time and when isn’t, to indulge in a drink.  The Lord has been so present in my fasting and has brought me closer to Him, the best community there is.

I can’t wait to see what February will bring.  Hopefully more blogging and notes from living the Nun Life.

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